Panasonic Toughbook tablet: the worlds most rugged Android tablet?

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panasonic-android-toughbook.jpgPanasonic are adding to their Toughbook range of rugged computers by releasing an Android-based Toughbook tablet.

Practically invincible with military-grade protective materials, it’s a 10.1 inch device utilising a resistive screen and stylus. Running at an XVGA resolution, its screen has high brightness levels designed for use in the great outdoors, satellite-based GPS, 3G and 4G connectivity options and enough battery life to last a “full-shift”, so somewhere at least around the 10 hour mark we’d guess.

No news on pricing or availability at the moment, but traditionally the Toughbook range carries a higher premium due to all the mad protective gear surrounding the devices’ internal electronics.

Gerald Lynch
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