McDonald's iPhone Pong billboard lets you win Big Macs

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It takes more than just a happy meal toy to coax us into a McDonald’s joint these days, but the fast-food giant has hit on something rather cool with their latest ad campaign in Sweden.

iPhone owners can use their smartphones to play a gigantic game of McDonald’s-branded Pong built into a gigantic electronic billboard. They don’t even have to download an app; simply visiting on the iPhone’s browser hooks a user up to the sign via their GPS location, having them instantly placed in the game que alongside fellow bystanders.

It’s not just purely for laughs either; if gamers survive over 30 seconds on the billboard Pong game they are then sent a coupon that they can exchange for real-world burgers and ice creams.

We’re lovin it, even if our arteries are cowering in fear.

Gerald Lynch
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