Free movie streaming headed to Amazon tablet

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amazon-tablet-android.jpgI know we’ve said this about the Motorola XOOM and other Android Honeycomb tablets in the past, but Apple’s iPad may truly have some real competition on its hands when Amazon’s tablet devices launch, should the latest raft of rumours be believed.

The latest news on Amazon’s flagship tablet (codenamed the Hollywood) is that it will ship with a movie streaming service, totally free of charge to those early adopters who nab the slate at launch.

That’s what’s being suggested by the consumer research department at Detwiler Fenton, which certainly goes someway towards explaining the “Hollywood” codename.

Add this to the growing number of rumoured specs and features already suggested and the Hollywood is looking a very attractive tablet indeed. It’s already believed to have a quad-core processor, the rather-excellent Honeycomb OS and access to the Amazon Cloud Locker, as well as the iBooks-battering Amazon book catalogue at its disposal.

It’ll be interesting to see how much of this will actually make it into the tablet if it’s ever officially revealed. But considering Amazon are staying tight-lipped on any tablet details at the moment, we may have a long wait ahead of us yet.

Gerald Lynch
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