Facebook to launch HTML5 App Store with Project Spartan?

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facebook-logo-thumb.jpegFacebook are all set to launch Project Spartan, a new initiative that will see them distributing HTML5 apps from within Apple’s mobile Safari browser.

Intended to weaken Apple’s stranglehold on the mobile apps market, Zuckerberg has set a team of 80 or so developers the task of creating an app store that will work from within the Safari browser, effectively bypassing the App Store altogether. And there would be absolutely nothing Steve Jobs and co could do to prevent them.

With 700 million users logging into Facebook on a daily basis, Zuckerberg’s team are in a prime position to rock the App Store’s dominance.

And already big name developers are behind the project. Zynga, creators of Farmville and other “Ville” games found on Facebook, are among 80 other developers working on apps for Project Spartan.

Facebook already have a payment system built into their social network, leading to the belief that the store could open in a beta form within a matter of weeks.

Via: TechCrunch

Gerald Lynch
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