Facebook support for Roland Bunce finds unlikely star for Next modelling competition

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Ah, the Internet; it’s stories like this that remind me why I fell in love with your connected charms in the first place.

Roland Bunce, an entrant for the Next clothes brand’s online modelling competition, is hardly what you would call classic catwalk material. The 24 year old science graduate (pictured) from Belfast probably didn’t expect he had much of a chance of winning the top prize of £2,000 worth of Next gift cards and “the chance to star in a Next photoshoot”.

But the mystical power of the interwebz is now totally behind Bunce. The Facebook masses move in mysterious ways, and thanks to a huge surge of viral support for Bunce through the Facebook voting page that decides which entrants make it to the next round, Bunce is now riding high in the Next modelling competition charts. His page has been liked well over 26,000 times, with his closest rival in 2nd place only nabbing 97 votes.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the Facebook crowds are doing something very beautiful indeed here. Bunce has now made it into the top 250 hopefuls in the sceond round as a result, but judges take control from here on in. Here’s hoping the judging panel sees in Bunce what so many others online clearly do.

Go Team Bunce!

Gerald Lynch
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