Enjoy 3D TV at home with LG's 3D TVs and 3D glasses

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LG 3D glasses.jpg 3D TV takes you even closer to the action, providing you with a completely immersive 3D viewing experience. Enjoy the magic of cinema 3D at home with LG’s latest range of 3D TVs. Below are the key features of LG Cinema 3D TV and LG’s 3D glasses.

Flicker Free 3D Glasses
The LG Cinema 3D TV glasses are flicker free letting you experience only the best of 3D! Plus LG’s 3D glasses are just like the ones you get at most cinemas – there are no batteries required.

Lightweight 3D Glasses

The lightweight and great value Cinema 3D glasses make these perfect for sharing with friends and family giving you the ultimate 3D viewing from the comfort of your living room sofa.

Each CINEMA 3D TV comes with seven free pairs of 3D glasses. But if you need more, as they are so inexpensive, you can easily kit out all of your family and friends.

Ultra wide viewing angle
The LG Cinema 3D TV has a unique ultra wide viewing angle meaning you can watch out for picture perfect 3D from any angle!

You can sit where you want, how you want, and you’ll still get the same immersive 3D experience. Plus, wider viewing angles means more room for friends and family to share in the fun.

For more information about the LG 3D TV please watch the following videos:

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