Cello reveal budget 3DTV range

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cello-3d.jpgCello, the British TV manufacturers best known for bringing the BBC iPlayer to their iViewer TVs before anyone else (as reviewed here) are preparing to launch their first 3D-enabled TV models this summer.

Two models will be available, with a 42 incher costing £499 and a 47 inch TV for £699. Using passive 3D screen tech similar to that used in cinema showings, each screen comes with four sets of passive glasses to go along with the LG-built panels.

Full specs for the 47 inch model can be found here, and specs for the 42 inch model here.

“Initially I was unsure about the future of 3D, but the quality of 3D vision now available and the number of new 3D films coming onto the market this year guarantees success for this new technology, ” said Brian Palmer, director of Cello.

“Sky now has one 3D channel and existing subscribers who already have Sky’s full package can get it free of charge.

“I’m sure many other 3D channels will also launch in the near future, making ownership of a 3D TV even more appealing.”

The sets will be onsale later this month.

Via: TechRadar

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