1 in 10 Britons choose homes based on broadband speed

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small-house-in-the-village-coloring-page.jpgIf you were looking to settle down in a new home, what would be the top details that would factor into your final choice? A large garden? Good nearby schools for the kids? Strong transport links? Well, for 1 in 10 Britons, one of the top home-buying issues is apparently broadband speed.

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ran a survey of 1,652 people who had rented or purcahsed a new property in the last two years, and found that 11% looked into broadband speed as a major home-buying factor. Of that 11%, 17% of those that said broadband speed was a deciding factor admitted that they had “rejected a property that they would otherwise have liked because of the slow broadband speed”.

Obviously some more standard needs top the list (28% wanted to be close to work, 21% were looking for schools nearby), but it’s interesting to see how being connected in this internet age is now a major concern in our daily lives.

“Whilst it is important to take into account all factors of a house when considering if you are going to move there, sacrificing your dream home for the sake of a slightly faster internet speed elsewhere seems a bit silly. If it’s your dream property, you should really weigh up what’s more important to you,” said Mark Pearson chairman of My voucher Codes.

“A slow internet connection can be very annoying, but nowadays, when broadband is so readily available in many areas of the UK, it shouldn’t be of too much concern to those moving house. If you’re unhappy with the service you’re getting from your internet provider, it’s worth shopping around and finding out if your supplier is the right one for you.”

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  • Its a shame, even overseas people are still old fashioned and are not interested in innovation. Guess they haven’t heard that mobile broadband users have surpassed broadband connections. Oh well

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