PS3 PSN back online (for developers only)

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psn-thumb.jpgWe’re getting word trickling in from the NeoGaf forums that the online PlayStation Network for PS3 is back online in a small capacity, allowing developers to access Sony’s online offering.

According to user Kagari:

“I have had other developers confirm to me that this is the case. The internal PSN developer network is online again, at least it seems for some, although things are still a bit shaky at the moment such as lack of new account sign up.

“Looks like the full network, at least the online play/account part of it, will be back soon.”

The NeoGaf gang usually have their finger on the pulse, and if it proves true, PlayStation 3 owners may be getting their game back on sooner than you’d think following the major hack and downtime of the service over the past month.

We’ll keep an eye out for any official word from the Sony bigwigs and pass it on if we get it.

Gerald Lynch
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