Apple patent backs up new iPod Nano camera claims, improves fitness monitoring abilities

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new-iPod-nano-patent-2011.pngRemember earlier in the week we showed you a spyshot of an iPod Nano with space in its chassis for a camera? Well, it looks mighty possible that it may well be the real deal after a very similar Apple patent application has now appeared online.

Uncovered by Apple Insider, the application shows an iPod Nano with a built in camera, as well as a host of other cool sounding new features such as temperature and motion monitoring tools, with stats visisble from a screensaver, which would further increase its usage as a fitness aid. There’s also a microphone inside according to the patent, obviously necessary for capturing sound should it be capable of video recording too.

There’s also a hint that iPod Nano apps will be on the way too, with games and calendar tools potentially featuring.

It’s quite a lot to fit into that tiny Nano frame! With Apple’s annual iPod refresh expected to be in September, we’re sure we’ll have more to share then.

Gerald Lynch
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