New Call of Duty: You WILL have to pay for some online features

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call_of_duty_modern_warfare_2_1356.jpgConfirming rumours that have been knocking around since the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, a new report by MCVUK has revealed that certain online features in the next installement of the mega popular shooter franchise will come at a premium price.

Expected to be the third title in the Modern Warfare series offshoot, the game will employ a new “online platform” built by Beachhead studios, that “will be an integral part to the innovation signature of the Call of Duty game that we’re releasing this year,” according to CEO Eric Hirshberg.

Most importantly, Hirshberg revealed that some undisclosed payment system will be included for online features.

“We haven’t yet released the details of the business model of Beachhead; you’ll certainly see further online monetisation. That is a response to the patterns that you’re talking about.

“The passion that people have for the game, the amount of time they’re willing to engage with one another in a connected way. Our goal has been to create an experience that was amplifying enough and energising enough and igniting enough to that community to be able to be monetized.”

However, Activision’s Bobby Kotick stressed that the online features currently enjoyed by COD fans will not come at a price.

“While we are attempting to deliver new incremental experiences that have yet heretofore been unseen by our players, we are not attempting to monetize or take any experience away that currently comes as part of the value proposition of buying the game.”

So what could we expect here? We’ve heard suggestions of everything from cross-platform persistent characters to extensive downloadable content from day one.

Any ideas of your own? Pop them in the comments below.

Via: MCVUK / Seeking Alpha

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