Kobo eReader Touch edition fighting Kindle with fingers

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While Amazon may be busy sorting out their forthcoming tablet onslaught, perhaps they should be looking over their shoulder at their eReader position too, as Kobo have just revealed a striking new device in the shape of the Kobo eReader Touch edition.

Packing in a glare-free e-Ink multi-touch touchscreen, Wi-Fi smarts and enough space for 1,000 books before you’ve even popped in an SD card, it’s the eReader’s design that really sets it apart.

With a six-inch screen and quilted back for comfortable holding, the eReader is almost entirely lacking in physical buttons. Only a single home buttons sits below the screen, making the Kindle’s array of tiny buttons look positively ugly in comparison.

“The new Kobo eReader is a major advance for readers. We started with a simple, yet powerful idea – to bring eReading to more people in more places, and inspire people around the world to spend more time reading. At a time when technology is disrupting all media, Kobo’s focus on the importance of reading has resulted in a revolutionary new experience for readers,” said Michael Serbinis, CEO, Kobo Inc.

“This is the first eReader you can put in your pocket, take with you anywhere and read for hours just like a real book, with ultimate comfort and no distraction. The new Kobo eReader is designed for people who love to read.”

Amazon may have their own impressive digital bookstore, but the built in Kobo Store here can hold its own too, with access to more than 2.3 million books, newspapers and magazines. There’s even the option to borrow books from libraries with the Touch edition.

And while the top-spec Kindle features a 3G connection, we’re praying that the above video of the Kobo eReader Touch edition isn’t a rendered one, as we’ve never seen an e-Ink display refresh that quickly. The Freescale™ i.MX508 processor used here must be working its socks off.

Available for pre-order from today, the Kobo eReader Touch edition will set you back $129.99 USD.

Gerald Lynch
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  • First of all, I think Amazon should be a powerful e-business brand that is more appropriate, even though the powerful customer brand, but apple, isn’t? At least in the tablet PC market field, the brand awareness of the Apple iPad 2 can be said to be the highest. According to the latest research, the users who have the intention to purchase tablet computer, 82% of users trend to choose the Apple iPad, or iPad 2. so the author images if Amazon wants to challenge the Apple’s global position, there is almost no significance. Since the feet of Apple has been reaching every corner of the world, and continuously launched the new but most attractive products to capture the customer’s attention in order to lead the market trend and strengthen its global position.

    as it is known to everyone, the Amazon Kindle e-book reader is one specialized products, only allows users to do one thing: reading. To keep surviving, it must do out perfect, not only to compare with other ebook reader, but also to contend Apple iPad equipped with multifunction device. iPad is able to make thousands of things, if use iPad to read the ebook, although it could pass in a crowd but have underperformed the Kindle. Compared with the iPad, the Kindle’s volume is lighter. For readers, this is very important. Moreover, even in the sun, the user can still clearly see the contents of Kindle shows. In addition, the battery of Kindle 3000ibs calculated according to week, rather than hours.

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