Amazon Kindle eBook sales now outsell traditional copies 2-to-1

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Another stat coming in from Amazon UK today that’s likely to strike fear into the hearts of struggling bookshops up and down the land. The online retailer has today revealed that sales of Kindle eBooks now sell at a rate of 2-to-1 over traditional hardback editions.

Selling 242 ebooks for every 100 hardbacks since April 1st in the UK, it’s even more astonishing when you consider the figure includes hardback editions not yet available as a digital copy, and doesn’t include free ebooks that would surely make ebook download numbers significantly higher.

Over 650,000 books are now available in Kindle format, with a futher million available as free downloads from the Kindle store.

Gerald Lynch
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  • When you’re an avid reader like me, your hobby starts to get very expensive. But with the prices of Kindle ebooks, this has now changed.

  • Here, I think Amazon should be a powerful e-business brand that is more appropriate, even though the powerful customer brand, but apple, isn’t? At least in the tablet PC market field, the brand awareness of the Apple iPad 2 can be said to be the highest. According to the latest research, the users who have the intention to purchase tablet computer, 82% of users trend to choose the Apple iPad, or iPad 2. so the author images if Amazon wants to challenge the Apple’s global position, there is almost no significance. Since the feet of Apple has been reaching every corner of the world, and continuously launched the new but most attractive products to capture the customer’s attention in order to lead the market tend and strengthen its global position.

    Author thinks, Amazon Kindle is selling the e-book, music and video content, and will launch later the Android application store this month. Amazon obviously occupy a larger advantage in software,

    But as it is known to everyone, the Amazon Kindle e-book reader is one specialized products, only allows users to do one thing: reading. To keep surviving, it must do out perfect, not only to compare with other ebook reader, but also to contend Apple iPad equipped with multifunction device. iPad is able to make thousands of things,

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