Music Unlimited streaming service headed to the Xperia Play, Sony NGP

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Sony-NGP.jpgSony’s Music Unlimited song streaming service has been confirmed to be heading to a raft of new devices, currently only available via Sony TVs and PS3 consoles.

Shipping alongside the hotly-anticipated Sony NGP games console, the cloud-based tune catalogue will also be available to owners of PSP consoles, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and other Android phones “in a matter of weeks”, according to Sony Network Entertainment VP Shawn Layden.

“The heart of the offering here is that with the one account you can access this music on your TV, your PS3, your laptop, your Blu-ray player, and have your music follow you wherever you go, rather than having to download all of your music into a device and make that device go with you everywhere,” Shawn Layden, executive vice president and CEO of Sony Network Entertainment, told Eurogamer.

“You can see that in the gaming world, because you can pull down PSP games across a PS3 and associate that with your portable player. You can create your account in your country home on your PS3 and access the same content you purchase on your other PS3 home. Associated sharing is already happening.”

The service offers a massive 6 million tunes, with subscription costs starting at £3.99 a month and going up to £9.99.

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