We don't want internet on the Underground, say Londoners

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It’s a high-pressure situation already, travelling on the Tube when it’s packed. Do we want to add internet connection to this hotpot? No, we certainly do not, was the answer in a recent study.

55% do not want Transport for London to proceed with plans to introduce WiFi on the tube, according to a poll by Myvouchercodes.co.uk, asking 950 people. It makes sense – the Tube etiquette situation is fraught enough already, so adding the annoyance of other people’s mobiles may well put a few of us over the edge.

Privacy was actually the main concern, according to the poll, cited as a reason by 48% of respondents. 31% were worried about theft.

“Access to mobile and data networks is already common on many world metros and our customers tell us they would welcome this,” said a TfL spokesperson, adding that since the majority of the Underground is actually above ground, many already use their mobiles on the trains already.

A separate survey by Goodmobilephones.co.uk from February showed that three quarters of respondends were against voice calling on the Tube. Again, theft was cited as the main concern, but the stress of having to listen to other people’s conversations in an already hassled situation was also a worry.

TFL seems determined to push on with this project for some reason. One thing though – if there is any digging to take place to accommodate this WiFi project, maybe we could chuck in some air conditioning ducts? In fairness the two issues are probably unrelated, but that’s something Londoners would actually really like to see.

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