PlayStation Plus members getting PS3 cloud storage

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ps3-slim.jpgPlayStation 3 owners who have signed up for the premium PlayStation Plus service get a treat today in the shape of cloud storage for game saves.

The perk allows gamers to keep as much as 150MB of save game data online, allowing for “peace of mind and easy access from any PlayStation 3 system in the world”, which is great news if you’re planning on continuing a lengthy game save at a pals house. The service also protects data from hardware failure or console theft.

The update comes with the 3.60 system update, and those looking to back up data will be able to do so entering the XMB’s Saved Data Utility menu, hitting the triangle button the file they wish to store online, selecting the copy function, and then choosing “Online Storage”. Copy-protected data can still be stored online, though may take up to 24 hours before it’s accessible on other PS3 consoles.

However, cancelling any PlayStation Plus membership cuts off access to the data, though it is stored for six months should you want to re-subscribe later.

Gerald Lynch
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