Nintendo 3DS owners reporting "Black Screen of Death" bug

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3ds-black-screen.jpgThe Nintendo 3DS 3D handheld gaming console is finally in the hands of gamers the world over, but some have been reporting less than satisfactory experiences with the handheld so far. It seems that a “Black Screen of Death” bug, causing the console to lock up and freeze unexpectedly, is hitting a minority of users. And hitting some of them very hard indeed.

The bug causes the above error message to display (pictured above), and, for the most part, has only happened to select gamers once or twice, merely needing a soft reset of the console to rectify. However other 3DS owners are reporting getting stuck in a never-ending Black Sceen cycle, causing them to return their handhelds.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the bug, occuring completely at random, though titles including Ghost Recon, Street Fighter, Monkey Ball and Lego Star Wars, alongside online modes, have all been confirmed to have triggered the error.

So far the problem doesn’t seem widespread, and, in most cases, easily fixed too, but do get in touch if you’ve experienced similar issues.

Via: Kotaku

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