Help the needy around the globe with the Red Nose Day app

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red-nose-day.jpegStart your weekend off early with a bit of generousity today by grabbing the Red Nose Day app.

The annual charity drive, which helps the needy in Africa and across the UK, has made donating money to the cause easier than ever through their latest iPhone app.

As well as offering a slew of games (including a nose picking one…ewww!), celebrity videos and information on the work the charity does, you’re now able to donate directly from the app using PayPal and SMS short codes.

There’s also integration with Twitter to follow all the latest news from the fundraising push, including a totaliser to keep track of nationwide donations, as well as encouraging your pals to dig deep into their pockets too.

Apple have dedicated a whole “room” of the iTunes Store to Red Nose Day today, and you can grab the app from there too. Click here to access it.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Red Nose day will make the longer term situation for people worse. Why? Because it encourages saving people. By saving them the global population will continue to grow – doubling every 61 years. At that rate in just two life times there will be 28 billion people on the planet. Right now we are already suffering droughts in the USA, Russia, Australia, China and Africa. We are suffering from huge inflation rates – over 9% in Egypt – on food alone. Russia is stopping food exports and fertilizer exports. This will degrade soil. Combine with droughts eventually the world simply won’t be able to feed itself.

    So if as the Red Nosers want to, we cure Malaria, we exacerbate the suffering in the future. We create MORE suffering. Doubling it every 60 years.

    This is why we should never support charities of any kind. We do more evil by doing so than by not supporting them.

    Don’t like that thought. Consider this: imagine a bathroom with just 2 people using it. Everyone has dignity. We can share the use of the bathroom. Now image the house has 4, 8 , 16, 32 up to over 1000 people trying to use the bathroom. Where is the dignity there? Life descends into chaos when we overpopulate.

    Humans are a plague species. Like locust with brains they equalise healthy long lives with GOOD, and early deaths with EVIL. But that’s because few understand the exponential theorem.

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