"Sealed shipments" of new MacBook Pros expected to ship this week

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Apple are said to be gearing up for the launch of their latest range of MacBook Pro models by sending sealed shipments of the computers to their official resale partner stores.

Each store that receives the palattes are under strict orders not to tamper with the protective casing until Apple gives the go-ahead, for fear of losing their reseller rights. With the shipments expected to hit stores on the US holiday President’s Day, a federal holiday on which Apple traditionally avoid making major announcements, it seems the company are safegaurding against any premature leaks.

If a mysterious Apple delivery isn’t proof enough of a new gear-line up, then how about this tidbit of info; many European Apple distribution channels are said to have sold out of MacBook Pros, but are been unable to restock. Looks like Apple are holding out for the nex models to come in before re-filling shelves with legacy units.

Via: Apple Insider

Gerald Lynch
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