Funambol MediaHub tool enables full data syncing between all your internet-connected devices

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The new Funambol MediaHub will let you sync all your music, pictures and videos, as well as PIM data such as contacts and calendars, between all your connected devices.

As it is based on open source software, MediaHub will share data across any device regardless of operating system, meaning a BlackBerry will have no problems communicating with an iPad.

It is ‘the Swiss Army knife’ of media sharing, according to Funambol CEO Amit Chawla: ‘It connects everything by syncing virtually any data across any device via the cloud. It helps carriers re-energise customer relationships by becoming the trusted vault for their mobile digital assets.’

The sharing tool also gets the endorsement of technology research group Juniper: ‘As the number of mobile and connected devices multiplies, so does the difficulty of sharing and accessing data and media across them,’ commented analyst Windsor Holden. ‘Services such as this that are based on open source technology can provide the ‘glue’ that stitches disparate devices and platforms together.’

Funambol expects to launch the service in the second quarter of this year.

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