Electronic Monopoly board takes cheating out of game (and all the fun)

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Monopoly Live, the new version of the classic board game, electronically monitors proceedings and makes sure no one cheats. A ten-inch tower sits in the middle of the board, where it watches your piece as it moves about the board. It will announce whose turn it is, make sure you land on the right spot, and automatically transfer money owed into your Monopoly bank account.

The tower works by flooding the board with infra-red light, using a camera to spot reflectors on each piece. To roll the die, you will need to cup your hand over your piece and the tower will roll for you, making a fake rolling sound as it does so.

So no more slipping notes between sofa cushions, no more ‘miscounting’ when moving pieces, and no more fights and disputes. No more fun, in other words, as this battery-powered Eye of Sauron threatens to ruin all that is good and fun about Monopoly. So we’re relieved to hear game maker Hasbro reassures we will be able to buy the old version still.

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