VideoSurf: The Shazam of Video

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Shazam is easily one of the most popular smartphone apps, and one of the first app success stories. Now VideoSurf is hoping to recreate this success, but with video.

The concept behind the app is very simple. If you are sitting at home watching TV and see an actor you recognize, but you can’t remember his/her name, you can just whip out your phone, point it at the screen, and let VideoSurf identify the person.

“Use your smartphone to capture a few seconds of what you’re watching on TV and VideoSurf’s visual search technology will identify the clip and the actors, and suggest other videos to watch,” said Lior Delgo, CEO and co-founder of VideoSurf. “It’s like Shazam, but for video.”

There is no date for release yet, but in the mean time check out their promo video.

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