Star Wars Blu-ray sets get priced and dated for the UK

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Star Wars on Blu-ray no longer sits waiting in a galaxy, far, far away, as the boxset’s UK release date and pricing have now been revealed by Amazon.

The films will be released in high-definition on the 30th September 2011.

Three versions will be available. Star Wars: The Complete Saga contains all 6 films, Star Wars: The Original Trilogy has just the classic first three flicks and Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy has the films from the last decade, the less which is said about the better.

The Complete Saga will set you back £89.99, while the trilogy sets will cost £44.99. You’ll also get over 30 hours worth of bonus material in the Complete Saga, with the relevant content split across the two smaller boxsets.

Purists will be frustrated to hear that only the late 90’s Special Edition versions of the original trilogy have made the cut to this re-vamped release, so it looks like Greedo will shoot first for a long time to come.
star wars silly.gif

Gerald Lynch
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