Railway Hill in Canterbury named Britain's slowest street for broadband

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Think your broadband internet connection is slow? Think again. Spare a thought this afternoon for the residents of Railway Hill in Cantebury, Kent. They’ve just been given the dubious honour of having been named Britain’s slowest street for broadband, averaging a paltry 0.13 Mbps.

With the nation’s average speed sitting somewhere around the 6.21 Mbps mark, Railway Hill is nearly 60 times slower than the national average.

Railway Hill? More like Snailway Hill!

“With average download speeds only marginally faster than dial-up, Railway Hill in Kent has really hit the buffers,” said Alex Buttle, director of broadband comparison website Top10.com. “Given that we’re now in 2011 and elsewhere in the country people are enjoying download speeds in the high double digits, this is simply unacceptable and reinforces the broadband lottery that currently reigns in the UK.

“Broadband providers need to do all they can to ensure such cripplingly slow speeds are rectified and that these streets of shame are brought into the 21st century as soon as possible.”

The top 20 broadband blackspots are as follows:

  1. Railway Hill, Canterbury, Kent : 0.13 Mbps
  2. Tewkesbury Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex: 0.14 Mbps
  3. Derwent Avenue, Barnet, Hertfordshire: 0.15 Mbps
  4. Baker Crescent, Dartford, Kent: 0.15 Mbps
  5. Upperby Road, Carlisle, Cumbria: 0.16 Mbps
  6. Heathfield Road, Ayr, Ayrshire: 0.19 Mbps
  7. Salisbury Terrace, Frome, Somerset: 0.20 Mbps
  8. Douglas Road, Spixworth, Norwich, Norfolk: 0.20 Mbps
  9. Hereford Road, Blackburn, Lancashire: 0.21 Mbps
  10. Shelley Crescent, Shirley, Solihill, West Midlands: 0.21 Mbps
  11. Harwood Close, Pulborough, West Sussex: 0.22 Mbps
  12. Shore View, Hampton Hargate, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire: 0.23 Mbps
  13. Luttlemarsh, Walton Park, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire:0.24 Mbps
  14. Elderwood Way, Tuffley, Gloucester, Gloucestershire: 0.25 Mbps
  15. Back Lane, Bucks Horn Oak, Farnham, Surrey: 0.25 Mbps
  16. Station Road, Arundel, West Sussex: 0.25 Mbps
  17. Castle Boulevard, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire: 0.26 Mbps
  18. Brick Kiln Road, Little Plumstead, Norfolk: 0.26 Mbps
  19. Old Chirk Road, Gobowen, Oswestry, Shropshire: 0.28 Mbps
  20. Amberley Road, Hartwell, Northampton, Northamptonshire: 0.29 Mbps
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