Mio launch Spirit V575 Sat-Nav / TV combo

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mio-spirit-sat-nav.JPGLong car journeys are always fraught with two potentially day-ruining possibilities; getting lost on some backwater-sidestreet miles away from civilisation and the mind-numbing, deep-vein thrombosis inducing boredom of being crammed for hours into a back seat. Mio are looking to kill two birds with one stone with thier latest bit of in-car tech, the Spirit V575 Sat-Nav and TV combo.

The Spirit V575 comes equipped with IQ Routes technology, a navigation and mapping service that keeps you abreast of any road closures or congestion issues while driving. The touchscreen device can also be used as a digital TV tuner, with a seven day EPG that will let you access hundreds of channels across Europe, as well as having a built in multimedia player for watching movies or playing back music.

While the screen’s 480 x 272 resolution hardly puts it at “Pimp My Ride” standards, there’s no knocking the obvious benefits of having both a sat-nav and portable telly in one unit for long car journeys.

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Gerald Lynch
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