iPhone 5 A5 processors dominating Samsung's manufacturing schedule

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Looks like the good ship iPhone is ready to take to the high seas again, with reports coming in from South Korea that manufacturing of the smartphone’s A5 processor chips has gone into overdrive.

Sources are saying that chip makers and suppliers Samsung are set to “quadruple monthly shipments of [processors] to Apple”, with factories pulling long hours to meet the expected demand. So much so infact that 50% of Samsung’s production capacity is now dedicated to churning out the Apple hardware.

Though on the face of things Samsung, with their Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S hardware, are direct rivals to Apple, the partnership means massive business for Sammy. Even now they are said to be looking into building a $3.6 billion dollar plant in Austin, Texas, to ensure shipping to Cupertino goes ahead without a hitch.

Via: Apple Insider

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