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Fancy yourself as a bit of a computer whizz? Is breaking into a restricted Area 51 server for you a piece of cake? Then you may soon find yourself fbeatured in Hackers!, a brand new newspaper “about doing things you’re not supposed to do.”

Issue 1 (available now) has one of the most inventive feature lists we’ve seen in ages, with articles on how to hack one of London’s “Boris” hire bikes and how to build your own laser-powered bong.

“Why hackers? I kept seeing this very fresh, very motivated creativity everywhere, individuals quietly looking for possibilities to subvert and improve given systems and technologies with their ideas – and refusing to accept that it can’t be done”, said editor Leila Johnston.

“There was a shared attitude, but no single place to go to find it all. So I spotted a gap for a new publication, respectfully and professionally produced, but made in the spirit of hacking rather than simply reporting on it. Hacking has many meanings – it’s as much about ingenious problem-solving as it is about mischief. People are beginning to realise that, and that’s definitely something to celebrate.”

Grab Issue 1 here.

Gerald Lynch
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