CES 2011 – Panasonic reveal the Viera Android Tablet

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Panasonic have revealed their first entry into the slate market, the Viera Tablet.

Android based, it will be available in 4, 7, and 10 inch sizes, each with identical hardware. Billed as a companion to Viera TVs, it’ll let you transfer content between both sources, with functions such as optional viewpoints from the tablet compared to what’s on the TV screen being offered through the new handheld device’s display.

It’ll team up with the recently revealed Viera Connect Marketplace to offer apps, and will also hae the ability to control Panasonic’s home theatre gear.

“The VIERA Tablet is a tablet-type terminal with a small touch screen LCD display. The new tablet is designed to provide creative functions and easy operability in conjunction with VIERA digital televisions to deliver new value that cannot be offered through Internet televisions alone,” reads the official realease

“The tablet will create a whole new viewing style. Its intuitive navigation interface makes it easy for the user to use cloud services. The tablet can also work as a sub-screen for displaying images and information related to the images shown on the connected television.”

It’s interesting that Panasonic appear to be taking a different route on the concept of the tablet. So far it seems to be being introduced as a supplement to their Viera 3D TV range rather than a stand-alone tablet product. We’ll give you a full hands-on verdict when we hit the CES 2011 show-floor later on today.

Gerald Lynch
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