APP OF THE DAY: Spectral Souls (Android)

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spectral-souls-android-app2.jpgWho said the iPhone gets all the best games? A definite boon for Android gamers, Spectral Souls has just hit Google phones exclusively.

A tactical isometric JRPG, it’s a massive title, with an installation size of over 1GB. Definately one for a Wi-Fi connection rather than 3G, but it means you get a game that redefines the usual constraints of Android games, featuring high-res graphics, 52 different songs on the soundtrack and detailed video cutscenes.

It’s not cheap at $14.40 (£9), but a title as deep, pretty and rewarding as this has every right to come at a premium, and is still a fair bit cheaper than a handheld console game.

Click here for more info, or scan the QR code below to grab the game.

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Gerald Lynch
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