VIDEO: BlackBerry PlayBook goes multitasking mad

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Here’s another sneak-peek video of the soon-to-be-released BlackBerry PlayBook tablet from RIM.

Looking to bring the fight head-on with Apple’s iPad, it’s another impressive showcase of the tablet’s multitasking abilities. Caught here at the Rogers TabLife event in Canada, RIM put the PlayBook to work by simultaneously running a 1080p HD video, browsing some photos and running Flash web content.

Not a stutter or a splutter in sight, it’s doubly impressive as RIM stress the model on show is still a work in progress, not a retail unit.

The 7 inch unit will count amongst its many features a 5MP rear camera and 3MP front camera and 1080p video recording. A 1 GHz dual-core processor runs the show, with 1GB of RAM keeping the multi-touch touchscreen multitasking up to speed.

All for less than $500 if RIM co-CEO Jim Ballsillie is to be believed. It’s starting to look very tempting, not just for BlackBerry owners.

Due for release next year, we’re still waiting on an official retail date.

Via: BB Leaks

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