TweetDeck Launches Chrome Browser Based App


Earlier this week Tweetdeck released its first Web client as a Chrome app in the brand new Chrome Webstore. ChromeDeck as it has been dubbed, is the first browser based version of the popular real time streaming app for twitter.

Having played around with it for a few days now, there are a number of things that I love.
Built in HTML5, the app is highly responsive and runs very smoothly. Probably one of the greatest additions is an integrated inbox and replies section. This means you can now see replies to all your accounts in one column. I personally run multiple accounts, and frequently forget to check some of them, so this will be a great help.

The Foursquare column now only display check-ins only from your actual Foursquare friends, and not all of your Twitter contacts, as it did before. All though it is only a small change, I was excited to see that you can re-order your columns with a simple drag and drop.

Despite all this, I don’t think I will be switching over from the desktop version quite yet. There are still some little bugs that need to be sorted and additions that need to be made before I would consider switching. One of the biggest being, the fact that there are no pop-up notifications. This is expected to be added in the coming weeks, but is not there yet.

Over all if you are a casual twitter user, you will probably really like ChromeDeck, but if you are a more serious users you might want to wait a few more weeks until all the bugs are worked out.

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