Top Trends On Facebook For 2010


Earlier this week both Google and Twitter shared with us 2010’s top searches and topics respectively. Now its Facebook’s turn to let us know what its users have been talking about this year.

In order to determine the top trends, Facebook analyzed status updates across 236 countries, and compared the rate at which each phrase occurred in 2010 compared to 2009. The following results reflect phrases that increased both in percentage and volume.

facebook trends.png

Due to the more personal social nature of Facebook the results are unsurprisingly very different from both Google and Twitter. For example the most popular term all year was HMU, and acronym for “hit me up.” According to Facebook HMU gained popularity in the first half of 2010, averaging 80,000 mentions a day by the end of the summer. However, once students went back to school, use of this acronym decreased.

Other popular topics on Facebook included movies, music and games.
For more detail on all the results check out Facebook’s blog.

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