Sanyo Pedal Juice Battery Pack – Powers Pedals Without Distortion

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Pedal Juice

The Pedal Juice battery pack, from Sanyo would make a great present for any musicians in your life who use a lot of pedals.

This little device contains Sanyo’s Eneloop technology inside and can power a whole slew of daisy-chained devices. Charge it up for 3.5 hours and it will provide you with 9V DC of output to whatever you like, powering a 10mA effects pedal for an amazing 50 hours. For those non-musicians that’s about 10 times longer than your standard 9V battery and on top of that it will provide a constant 9V right up until it’s dead. Sanyo also claims the Pedal Juice pack will create less electrical interference than using an AC adapter.

The Pedal Juice battery pack is available for $149.99

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