Medion Akoya P6624 hit Sainsbury's stores exclusively

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Sainsbury’s are now exclusively offering Medion’s Akoya P6624 laptop alongside your spuds and sprouts this Christmas. And it’s got a spec sheet as tasty as a stuffed turkey by the looks of things.

A 15.6 inch LED backlit HD screen is the focus, running off of an Intel Core i5-460M processor with 4GB memory and a 640GB hard disk. Hyper-Threading technology allows for four-way multitasking, letting each processor core run two tasks simultaneously.

NVIDIA GeForce GT425M DirectX 11 with 1024MB of dedicated RAM is on graphics duty, with “Optimus technology” allowing to switch to a power saving mode for less intensive tasks.

Yours from Sainsbury’s for a reasonable £499.

Gerald Lynch
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