iTunes song preview time increases

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As had been suggested a little while back, Apple have now introduced longer preview tracks for songs available to buy from their iTunes store. You’ll now be able to listen to as much as 90 seconds of a track before deciding whether or not to by it, up from the previous 30 second limit.

So far the update has only hit US users, but a global roll-out is expected to follow shortly.

Will this make music fans more or less likely to buy tracks from iTunes? I’m not sure. Sometimes, and defienately in the case of an experience as short as a pop song, leaving you wanting more is the recipe for success and sales. It’s not going down to well withe record industry folk either, with the National Music Publishers Association worried about its implications for royalties and performance rights.

Still, at least Apple had the sense to limit the lengthier previews to just songs over 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length. Otherwise we’d all be on iTunes listening to the complete Ramones back catalogue in its entirety here at Shiny Towers!

Via: AppleInsider

Gerald Lynch
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