Interpol hunting WikiLeak's Assange on sex charge

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Thumbnail image for Wikileaks_3-728-75.jpgBlimey, what a week for WikiLeak’s Julian Assange! First his leaked international diplomatic documents kick up a politcal and media storm, then WikiLeaks comes under attack from hackers, before being locked down by the “Great Firewall” of China. Now he’s being hunted by Interpol under allegations of sex crimes!

The international police organisation have issued a Red Notice arrest warrant for Assange in connection with an on-going rape, coercion and molestation investigation in Stockholm. You can view details of the warrant by clicking here. The warrant is issued to 188 countries.

Assange and his legal team are, naturally, denying the charges: “All of these offers have been flatly refused by a prosecutor who is abusing her powers by insisting that he return to Sweden at his own expense to be subjected to another media circus that she will orchestrate” said his lawyer.

“Pursuing a warrant in this circumstance is entirely unnecessary and disproportionate.”

The suggestion of a smear campaign is indeed interesting. According to the Washington Post the US government are alreadypursuing whatever avenues they can find to reprimand Assange. Someone certainly means business to get Interpol involved.

Gerald Lynch
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