Free DLC coming to Kinect Sports and Kinect Joyride

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Kinect-Sports-Photos.jpgDespite only being available for little over a month, Xbox 360 Kinect launch titles Kinect Sports and Kinect Joyride are to recieve a batch of brand new DLC content.

And best of all? It’s all absolutely free.

The branded content packs will come courtesy of Samsung for the sports title and Chevrolet for the driving game.

Kinect Sports Party Pack brings 6 new mini games to the table, 15 new Party Play events and 3 new mascots to kick in the balls try out. 10 new achievements can be earned, with 250 extra gamerpoints up for grabs.

The Joyride Chevrolet Car Pack throws in a handful of new customisable cars including a a Camaro, Corvette and Cruze, which can be given your own unique spin by painting them with the Kinect sensor controls.

The DLC packs launch on January 4th, giving you a little more bang for your Christmas buck if you find either of these nestled under your tree.

Gerald Lynch
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