VIDEO: Creepy robot actress takes to Tokyo stage, haunts dreams

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We’ll leave you today with a little bit of creepy tech-wierdness to settle you into your weekend.

Meet Geminoid-F, a robot actress from Tokyo. If you’re making a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun right now you can catch her/it/whatever “performing” in a production of the play Sayonara.

While we do love robots here at Tech Digest, they always end up on the wrong side of the frightening uncanny valley. The memory of this one will be seared into the back of my eyeballs for all eternity.

Can’t fault the casting though; a robot playing a robot. It’s more convincing than Keanu Reeves anyway. Wonder if Geminoid has an Android handset? Ho-ho, ha-ha, he-he…

Gerald Lynch
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