The Worlds First GPS Enabled Goggles



Not that its much of a problem around these parts, but you will never get lost again while navigating the slopes with Zeal’s new Transcend Goggles.

From the Canadian Lab Zeal, these goggles are an amazing piece of downhill gadgetry. They come equipped with a GPS-enabled interior-mounted LCD display, that will give you a readout of nearly any real-time info that you could possibly need. Want to know how fast you were flying through the half pipe, no problem, these bad boys even have a built in speedometer in addition to:
ø altimeter
ø vertical odometer
ø compass
ø stopwatch
ø USB connectivity for downloading ride data, and plotting “highlights” on a Google Map overlay so you can “review and analysis” your ride

Oh and don’t worry they didn’t over look any of those boring goggle functions of the past. You can pick between two sun blocking lenses Polarized, or our preference, the ones that auto-adjust its tint to changing light conditions.

These goggles will set you back €399 for the polarized and €499 for the auto adjusting tinted lenses.

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