Less Than 30,000 Musicians Make A Living From Their Music

Digital Music

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Today Songkick and Topspin released new data that shows less than 30,000 musicians globally are actually making a living from their music. So unless you are set to be the next Lady Gaga you might want to keep your day job.

Topspin CEO Ian Rogers, presented this Data at the New Noise Santa Barbara conference over the weekend, basing the stat off an analysis of Songkick’s database of bands, the types of venues being played, and the likely incomes associated with those venues.

Rogers argued that “Technology has allowed the cost of production to come down, and the cost of distribution has come down. But the cost of marketing has come up, because you have empowered consumers and unlimited choice”

So despite the fact that you might be able to get your music out to the masses, unless you have an arsenal of marketing people behind you, making it big in the music business is statistically unlikely.

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