Sony and WWF Open Planet Ideas initiative: save the environment with technology

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Got a good idea which re-uses or mashes-up existing technologies and products to tackle today's environmental challenges? Well Sony and the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) want to hear from you.

They are behind a new initiative called Open Planet Ideas which has been formed to answer questions like how do we make better use of our scarce natural resources? And how can we actively change people’s behaviour to encourage more sustainable lifestyles?

A panel of experts has already sifted through an incredible 335 of inspiring ideas. And it has pulled them together into six themes to form this challenge. These themes include: changing behaviour, cleaner by design, more with less, make it real, waste not and recycling revisited.

So now it’s over to you. Take a look at Sony's technology showcase and start thinking about how you could re-use, combine or mash-up these and any other technologies to address the challenge. You can applaud other people’s concepts or refine them further. Best of all, why not contribute a concept of your own here.

The expert panel, along with the community, will select the concepts that most excite them. Once the winning concept is chosen, its contributors will work together with these experts to make the final concept real.

To help get you started, Tech Digest has come up with its very own concept: an intelligent car sharing device that tells you if people nearby are making similar car journeys to your own. You can see the full details here.

To view the challenge brief itself go here:  You can also visit  for more details as well as watch the video below for more inspiration.


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