SeeSaw users soon able to choose their own adverts

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Video on demand service SeeSaw are to introduce a novel new feature into their TV streaming set-up: users will soon be able to choose which advertisements play between episodes of their favourite shows.

Viewers will be offered a list of adverts before a show, which will then play during intervals. Advertisers benefit as their reels are reaching their specific targets, while viewers also benefit slightly as they don’t have to sit through adverts that have no relevance to them.

Ben Williams, Head of Advertising for SeeSaw commented: “We’re excited to launch the Ad Selector format – a win-win for the advertiser and the user. The Ad Selector is simple and effective, essentially giving the user the choice to pick the advert they wish to see.

“This puts the user in control of the advertising experience and therefore increases their engagement and purchase intent. Our vision is to create a unique environment for advertisers to reach their audience through innovative methods, and today’s announcement is the first step towards this with more initiatives in the pipeline.”

A similar scheme is already running in the US.

No-one likes adverts in any form, but if there is enough choice from the SeeSaw offering, they may be a little easier to stomach.

Gerald Lynch
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