Linn Upgrades Its Akurate Hi-Fi Range

Hi-Fi Systems


Linn the Scottish high-fi makers have recently upgraded their Akurate hi-fi range. Last year the company declared that CDs were just too low quality to bother with, so as you can imagine this hi-fi range is truly aimed at the audiophile.

The new completely redesigned Akurate DS player is a dedicated digital streaming music system designed to replay high-quality music downloads and CDs stored on a computer. It incorporating the latest DS functionality and performance with a new precision-engineered enclosure. The system also consists of the Akurate Kontrol stereo preamplifier with matching Akurate power amplifier, and the Akurate 242 speakers.

As you would expect this is not a cheap Wi-Fi system with the compete system retailing for about £12,050.

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