Dick Van Dyke Rescued By Porpoises: Should Have Bought A Seabreacher


dyke dolphin

Dick Van Dyke the 84-year-old star of classic films Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins, was apparently rescued by a pod of porpoises after dozing off aboard his surfboard.

Van Dyke’s ordeal began when he woke up from his ocean nap and realized that there was no land in sight and fins circling around him. Fortunately he was not about to star in a real life version of the film”Open Water” as the fins turned out to belong to a pod of porpoises which pushed him back to shore.

Although we are sure this was a life changing experience for Van Dyke, he could have avoided the whole terrifying scenario if he had just bought himself Firebox’s Seabreacher.

The two seater dolphin-shaped submersible watercraft that enables you to jump, dive and roll around on top of and under the water and can cruise up to 50 mph on top of the water and up to 25mph under water within the safety and security of a dry, sealed cockpit.

At £65,000 its not cheap, but hey its would have saved Van Dyke from the near death experience.

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