BlackBerry Bold 9780 gets a makeover from designer Bill Amberg

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Bill Amberg has put his name to a limited edition run of BlackBerry Bold 9780 handsets.

With just 60 individually numbered handsets available, these colourful phones are a Selfridges exclusive, with a mighty price tag of £1,000 for each of them.

“I am excited to be working with BlackBerry on this exclusive run for Selfridges that celebrates the launch of the new Bold 9780,” said Amberg. “Quality products like this are crying out for something complementary on a functional and stylistic level, which is both beautiful and unique.”

My honest thoughts? I think they look a bit ugly. And, hopefully without sounding like a design philistine, how difficult is it to slap a stroke of colour onto the back of something and give it a unique number? Hardly worth the extortionate fee Amberg most certainly received.

Still, if you buy into exclusivity and one-offs and all that jazz, Selfridges is where you should be heading with your cash.

Gerald Lynch
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