The week in social media round up – Facebook Groups, militant Mummy Bloggers and more

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Here’s a visual (and a textual) representation of the wek’s top social media stories

Facebook Groups gets revamped

Excitement levels hit a new high when Facebook announced a press conference. More updates?! Could it be true? Sadly, the announcement didn’t live up to the hype. The changes are minimal – the only thing of note being an increased ‘privacy’ setting. Read more over at ShinyShiny.

The Government Angers Mummy Bloggers by Cutting Child Benefits

The week started off with a bit of a scoop for BBC Breakfast, with Chancellor George Osbourne announing live on air that the coalition government would be cutting child benefits from 2013. We wonder how many mummy bloggers spilled their morning tea across the kitchen floor in utter shock… Mummy bloggers across the country immediately took to online forums and social media platforms to express their anger. Read more here.

Media brands are going crazy for Tumblr

Following an article over on Mashable, there’s an interesting piece over on Wallblog on why this particular blog platform is oh so hip. Go on, have a read.

Google TV launches

Ready to geekify your living room with Google TV? We want it.

Twitter brings out Promoted Accounts

Entering the 2nd stage of its advertising push, Twitter brought out Promoted Accounts this week. Only available to a handful of selected companies so far, Promoted Accounts let advertisers buy ad space on the ‘Suggestions for You’ sidebar – but only if relevant to the accounts the user is already following.

Mapping out social networks

Social networking has got its own map and it looks great.

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