Interview: Aaron Sorkin, script writer of The Social Network


Script writer Aaron Sorkin talks about his latest project – The Social Network – a movie about the phenomenon of Facebook and its controversial founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Says Sorkin about Zuckerberg: “The world’s most important social networking device since the telephone was invented by the world’s most anti-social guy.”

“But that’s not just a coincidence. Mark Zuckerberg invented something that he needed – a brand new way to socialise. With Facebook you can socialise from the solitude of your room, you can reinvent yourself, you can offer a part of yourself you want the world to see without them seeing your flaws.”

“I can identify with this. I would like everyone to think I am as clever and witty as the characters I write. I would be happy being in a room by myself writing scenes and having someone slipping meals under the door and having everyone think that I’m Rob Lowe from The West Wing.”

(Special thanks to BBC Radio’s 5 Live’s Simon Mayo for the tickets to see Aaron Sorkin)

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