Sony kills the Walkman after 30 years

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After 30 years and over over 200 million copies sold, Sony has ended production on its Cassette Walkmans.

With this rise in popularity of mp3 players like the iPod, Sony believed that there was no longer consumer interest in their once hugely popular product. The last batch of the infamous product rolled off the production line earlier this year, but Sony will be retaining the Walkman brand to use with its latest portable memory based MP3 player range.

The first Sony Cassette Walkman was launched on July 1st, 1979 in Japan. It was marketed as a cost effective way to put your stereo in your pocket and with heavy pop star support, it managed to become a household name around the globe.

In honour of the 30 years of the Sony Cassette Walkman, we have complied a gallery of our top 4 favourite models.

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