Recycle your old gadgets on eBay Instant Sale and make a few quid at the same time

eBay, Retail

instant sale.png

Last week eBay launched “Instant Sale” allowing you to hawk your old gadgets for some quick cash. The stripped down sales page of the giant auction house is dead easy requiring you to answer only two questions – will you be trading in the charger and what condition is your gadget in. It then instantly generates you an offer and even if your gadget isn’t worth a penny, eBay’s partners will still recycle them for you and pay your shipping fees.

From the sample queries, it doesn’t appear as though you will be able to make a huge amount off your old gadgets (£15 Dell Inspiron 8200 and £36 used Palm Pixi in good condition) but still offers a great way to get rid of those unwanted gadgets.

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