How much is your brain worth? Use this equation to find out…

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Take a look at this formula:

T = 40 M i K e (3e +M) (e +50M) / {(e2 +3M e +M2) (e +100M)}

Mean anything to you? Well it apparently holds the key to as much as £30,000 worth of secondary income locked away inside your brain.

If that equation looks a bit too much like secondary school homework, head over to VideoJug’s Knowledge Calculator page by clicking here, which does all the tough maths bits for you.

They’ve commissioned a report that shows each UK resident could be making better use of their personal knowledge, potentially to the sum of £83 billion nationwide annually.

Frank Smith, Professor of Applied Mathematics at University College London, who created the formula behind the research said, “Each of us accumulates vast quantities of knowledge over our lifetime, much of which we don’t actively use, yet we could be generating a personal income from.”

However, if you’re from the big-smoke areas of heavily populated cities like London, your knowledge my not be worth all that much.

Professor Frank Smith explains: “As we might expect, areas with bigger populations have a greater amount of total untapped knowledge. But at the individual level the value of unused knowledge per person is less in more densely populated areas. With more people living side by side there are more overlaps in knowledge; this creates an over-supply of knowledge which reduces the monetary value of your knowledge.”

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